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Georgia Kosher Bill Signed by Governor Perdue

Agudath Israel of America commended Governor Sonny Perdue and the Georgia General Assembly upon the signing into law of the Georgia Kosher Food Consumer Protection Act on Thursday.

The bill had garnered unanimous support in both the House and Senate last month, “a testament,” says Agudath Israel Ohio Regional Director Rabbi A. D. Motzen, “to the personal effort of the bill’s sponsor, State Representative Mike Jacobs,” who worked with Orthodox Jewish community leaders in Georgia to promote the legislation. Representative Jacobs, Rabbi Motzen notes, “was involved in every aspect of the bill’s drafting – and redrafting – and garnered the necessary support for the bill’s passage.”

The revised Georgia statute will amend the existing kosher labeling law, enacted in 1980, in a manner that is patterned after the “public disclosure” models adopted in Maryland, New York, and New Jersey.

Public disclosure requires stores selling unpackaged food represented as kosher to inform the public as to the identity of the kosher certifier and other relevant information regarding the standards adhered to when making such a claim. Among other things, the bill also transfers oversight of the kosher law from the Georgia Department of Agriculture to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

Though no court in Georgia deemed the state’s kosher law unconstitutional, a challenge was filed by local Conservative Rabbi Shalom Lewis and the American Civil Liberties Union. In response to the lawsuit, a bill was originally introduced in the House to repeal the kosher labeling law, but that measure was not brought to the floor for a vote.

“Had the current law simply been repealed, consumers would have likely faced an increase in kosher fraud,” says Rabbi Reuven Stein, director of supervision at the Atlanta Kashruth Commission. “Any store could have advertised its products as kosher without any requirement to substantiate their claim. House Bill 1345 does not replace the need for a reliable kosher supervisor or agency, but it will give consumers information about the kosher standards being used so they can make informed decisions.”

HB 1345 was co-sponsored by a bipartisan group including State Representatives Kevin Levitas, Joe Wilkinson, Wendell Willard, Michele Henson and Fran Millar. The bill was shepherded through the Senate by Senator Don Balfour. Testimony in favor of the bill was offered by Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich of Congregation Beth Jacob, University of Georgia law professor Hillel Levin, and David Schoen, Esq.

Rabbi Ilan Feldman, of Congregation Beth Jacob and Dean of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission, had warm words of praise for Agudath Israel’s efforts. “Rabbi Motzen visited Atlanta several times,” Rabbi Feldman said, “and spent dozens of hours working on this legislation from his Cincinnati office. He used Agudath Israel’s national legal network to bring together the necessary experts and kept everyone focused on producing the best legislation possible under the circumstances.”

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Friday Alerts

From the Star-K:

Although Safeway Supermarkets is a non-Jewish corporation, the Eastern Seaboard Safeway stores order 80% of their groceries from C & S, a Jewish distributor. These products will arrive in stores by April 18th. Chometz which was purchased immediately after Pesach may be used. However, for three weeks starting from April 18th through May 9th, 2010, chometz products such as cereals and pasta should not be purchased from Safeway.

Why Check for Insects?
When we first created the Check for Insects site, it was meant to be a tool for the kosher consumer. Almost immediately we began to receive a large number of email asking why one would need to check for bugs. It seems our site had become popular and many visitors, who were not kosher consumers, wondered if the insects are harmful to one’s health. To address this, we have added a page that describes why we check food for insects and how we decide the proper cleaning and checking method for each food item. Visit the new Why Check for Insects page here.

From the Montreal Vaad Hair (MK):

We are pleased to advise that further to our previous instruction regarding peppers, currently peppers no longer have to go through the same process of washing and checking, which was previously required. All that has to be done with peppers is to cut off the top, wash it well and carry out a visual check to ensure that there are no worms.

The MK wishes to inform the public that Montreal Kosher Bakery, located at 2135 St. Louis, Ville St Laurent, has come under MK supervision.

From the Organized Kashrus Laboratories (OK):

Please be advised that ARAVA DIABETEA Distributed by Orient Secrets (Israel) and Magnit Enterprise (Staten Island, NY) bears an unauthorized OK symbol on the label.This product is not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken. If you see this product on the market, please call us at 718-756-7500.

As of May 1, 2010, OK Kosher Certification no longer certifies MEALS ON WHEELS made by BENICOR U.S.A. (Brooklyn, NY).

JELLY BELLY CANDIES have been displayed in some stores in dispensers with the OK kosher sign on them. OK Kosher Certification does not certify Jelly Belly candies. They are certified by OU (Orthodox Union). Corrective action is being taken.

BERRIPOP FROZEN YOGURT STORES May have signs posted indicating that their stores are certified by OK Kosher Certification. OK Kosher Certification does not certify the Berripop Frozen Yogurt Stores or their products. Corrective action is being taken.

ANNIE’S EURO AMERICAN BAKERY (Longwood, FL) is distributing bakery products bearing an unauthorized OK symbol on the label. This company and all their products are not certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective measures are being taken.

KONTOS KTAIFI PASTRY DOUGH produced by KONTOS FOODS, INC. Paterson, NJ is certified Kosher, Pareve. This product was accidentally mislabeled as dairy. Labeling is being corrected.

From the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle:

We have learned that the owner of the Cash & Carry stores is Jewish and did not sell chometz. One should not have purchased anything from this store until after May 7.

When purchasing kosher sushi in any of our local Vaad certified stores, please ensure that there is a Vaad symbol sealing each and every package. Non-kosher trays can be moved by other customers into the kosher section – look for the kosher symbol on each package you wish to purchase. A sushi package is not certified without the Vaad symbol sealing it.

As a special reminder, Island Crust is open until 4 pm on Friday and CLOSED Saturday night until the fall.

From the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC):

Smart & Final’s First Street Homestyle Potato Salad is dairy, non-chlolov Yisrael.

Hamisada restaurant is no longer certified by the RCC in spite of the appearance of the RCC logo on their sign, menu or business cards. The establishment must have a Mashgiach and they have not been able to maintain one.

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Thursday Alerts

From the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc):

The cRc wishes to clarify the kosher status of the duty-free shops located in Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Although all of the duty-free shops sell their chometz, as required by the Rabbanut, they continue to be open during Pesach selling chometz items. The exception to this is the duty-free shop located adjacent to gate D7, which not only sells their chometz for Pesach, but they also are very careful to only sell kosher for Passover products during Pesach. Additionally, the duty-shop at gate D7 employs Shomrei Torah U’mitzvos to ensure that these strict guidelines are adhered to.

Stoller Trucking, located in Gridley Illinois, is no longer certified by the cRc.

With the summer months upon us once again, the cRc would like to take this opportunity to reiterate its policy and opinion regarding the purchase of ice cream from shops that are not certified kosher. Unless the entire shop is under a reliable hashgacha, no open product should be purchased without the consumer personally inspecting each item. Any ice cream must first be determined to be kosher and in some cases, the scoop must be first washed clean. Any other products purchased, such as cones, toppings, milk or any other additives, must also be inspected to determine if it is kosher. Items such as cakes and novelty items may be coming in from another outside source, so special care must be taken when purchasing any of these items. Since one may not assume that there were no changes made since the last visit, this all must be done each time you go into the store to make a purchase!

Many shops may sell ice cream which is produced under the certification of the cRc or other reliable agencies, and have signs posted to indicate such. However, unless the entire store is under certification, this letter only applies to the un-opened ice cream that is listed on the letter of certification, and not necessarily the store itself. Merely asking the store attendant if an item is kosher is not sufficient, as they may not be aware of specific requirements that may affect the kosher status of an item. You must always see the actual product in its original container.

As the average person may also not always be aware of all of the kosher regulations, it is always preferable and recommended to only frequent shops under a reliable kosher supervision. Check with the cRc in the Chicago area, or your local Orthodox Vaad in other areas for the stores under kosher certification.

The following ice cream shops in the Chicago area are under the certification of the cRc. All items sold at these locations are cRc dairy. In most cases, items are Cholov Stam. Some locations may offer some Cholov Yisroel selections. Several cRc certified restaurants may also offer ice cream in their store. Only these stores at the listed addresses are presently certified by the cRc:
Bagel Country, 9306 Skokie Blvd, Skokie
Dairy Star, 3472 W Devon, Lincolnwood
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 3132 Devon, Chicago
Illinois Nut, 3745 W Dempster, Skokie

From the Vaad Hakashrus Of Miami-Dade (KM):

“LeibKosher” has recently been added to the list of establishments certified by Kosher Miami, The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade. (LeibKosher is the former Cladd Corp under new ownership.) This wholesale only company manufactures Chorizo, Merguez, Israeli Sausage, Appetizers, Knishes, Egg Rolls, Kibbe, Empanadas Carne, Empanadas Pollo and Raviolli. LeibKosher can be reached at 786-260-2629 or at www.leibkosher.com.

“Prime Sushi – Sunny Isles Beach” has recently been added to the list of establishments certified by Kosher Miami, The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade. This additional location of Prime Sushi is located at 18250 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, serving sushi, fish, pasta and more. Their phone number is 786-284-8430.

From the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa/Beth Din of Johannesburg:

Banditos Nachos – Jalapeno & Cheese – are erroneously labeled Parev. This product is MILCHIK. Keilim are not affected. The company has apologized for the error and is correcting the label for future print runs.

Floyds Macon & Mushroom Coating bears an unauthorized Beth Din logo. This product is NOT KOSHER.

Ron’s Hire is no longer under the supervision of the Beth Din.

Beth Din approved crockery and cutlery hire is available exclusively from:
Kosher Function and Event Hire: 011 728 9780.

From the Houston Kashruth Association (HKA):

We have launched a redesigned website at kosherhouston.org. You are
invited to visit and see its many new features. And to offer you an
improved HKA Bulletin, we are asking all subscribers to re-subscribe to
the HKA Bulletin at this time.

Here are two ways you can re-subscribe and continue receiving the HKA

1. Go to kosherhouston.org and click “Join HKA” to continue receiving
the HKA Bulletin and to join an elite group of members who are interested
in supporting the Houston kosher community by making a membership

2. Not interested in HKA membership at this time? You can still receive
the HKA Bulletin. Go to kosherhouston.org and in the pull-down menu
select “HKA Bulletin”, then “Subscribe” (or follow this link:

We encourage you to become a member and make a tax deductible donation to
support kosher in Houston. Thank you for your continued interest in the
Houston Kashruth Association.


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Wednesday News & Alerts

Gedolim Sign Letter Against Worms in Fish Read full story >>

Kosher Valley(R) Brand sold to Empire Kosher Poultry Read full story >>

Freshway recalls romaine lettuce Read full story >>

New kosher law awaiting Gov. Perdue’s approval Read full story >>

From the Atlanta Kashruth Commission (AKC):

There is a new certification, called the Savannah K, from Savannah, GA connected with Rabbi Slatus. Johnny Harris Bar-B-Cue Sauce is now kosher when bearing the Savannah K.

Some of the Kroger brand oils do not have the OU certification anymore.

Pace Salsa is no longer kosher.

Waffles by De Wafelbakkers, N. Little Rock, AR are kosher and dairy when bearing the “KD” symbol. They are found in bags in the Kroger bakery department.

Yogi Mogli is a new kind of ice cream store in Dunwoody. It is not supervised and is not recommended unless one checks every single topping, cone and mix that goes into one’s ice cream. There may be a sign that implies there is a Yogli Mogli mix that is kosher, but the certification does not cover the store.

A new kosher law has passed that will help protect the kosher consumer. Thanks to a national team put together with the help of Agudath Israel of America, the new bill was put in place. Members of the team included Rabbi Ilan Feldman, Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, Rabbi Abba Cohen, Rabbi Avigdor Slatus, David Schoen, and Rabbi A.D. Motzen. We were greatly helped by our Representative Mike Jacobs together with Representatives Levitas, Wilkinson, Willard, Henson and Millar and Senator Don Balfour.

Kosher Day 2010 is Sunday, May 30, when the Braves take on the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:35 pm. For tickets and more information, please call the Atlanta Kashruth Commission at 404-634-4063 or email the Commission at akc@kosheratlanta.org. There will be an “Early Bird Special” for those who purchase tickets between May 5th and May 14th. The regularly priced $12 Upper Box Ticket will be $10 and the regularly priced $24 Field/Terrace Pavilion Ticket will be $20. $10 Pre-paid food voucher* ($12 at door – subject to availability). $5 Raffle Ticket for a chance to play the big drum and to win baseball paraphernalia. $25 All Star Package – includes Upper Box ticket, food voucher and raffle — Early Bird Special $23. $35 Grand Slam Package – includes Field/Terrace Pavilion ticket, food voucher and raffle — Early Bird Special $31. *Food provided by Goodfriend’s Grill. Voucher includes a quarter-pound hot dog, chili, cole slaw, chips, a chocolate chip cookie and a drink.

From the Kashruth Council of Toronto (COR):

MexiCasa Nachos & Cheese Sauce Tortilla Chips have inadvertently been labeled as kosher with a COR 722 Dairy. This product is not kosher.

Chocolate Signatures Inc – COR 669 – is no longer under COR certification. Certification has been terminated due to kashrus violations. Any product manufactured from March 29, 2010 and after, should not be used even when bearing a COR symbol.

This is to advise that the following 4 Wal-Mart Panini bread items were inadvertently labeled with a COR “dairy”. These products are PAREVE:
Wal-Mart Premium Canadian White Sliced Panini Bread, UPC# 6 05388 86456 7
Wal-Mart Premium Multigrain Sliced Panini Bread, UPC# 6 05388 86457 4
Wal-Mart Premium Stone Ground 100% W.W. Sliced Panini Bread, UPC# 6 05388 86459 8
Wal-Mart Premium Marble Rye Sliced Panini Bread, UPC# 6 05388 86450 4

The following products made by Crofters Food Ltd were inadvertently labeled with a COR symbol. These products are not COR certified:
Apricot Organic Premium Spread
Black Currant Organic Premium Spread
Blood Orange Organic Premium Spread
Blueberry Preserve (Bake Stable)
Cherry Prese rve (Bake Stable)
Four Fruit Organic Premium Spread
Lemon Ginger Flavour Preparation Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt
Mango Organic Premium Spread
Mango-Apricot Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt
Morello Cherry Organic Kefir & Yogurt Drink Base
Morello Cherry Organic Premium Spread
Peach Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt
Peach Organic Kefir & Yogurt Drink Base
Peach Passion Organic Premium Spread
Raspberry Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt
Raspberry Organic Kefir & Yogurt Drink Base
Raspberry Organic Premium Spread
Strawberry Organic Fruit Base for Ice Cream
Strawberry Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt, Strawberry Organic Kefir & Yogurt Drink Base
Strawberry Organic Premium Spread
Vanilla Organic Fruit Base For Yogurt
Wild Blackberry Organic Premium Spread
Wild Blueberry Organic Premium Spread.

The following Nativa, President’s Choice and Woolworth’s products were inadvertently labeled with COR 398. These products are not under COR supervision.
Blackberry Jam Organic
Blueberry Jam Organic
Morello Cherry Jam Organic
Raspberry Jam Organic
Strawberry Jam Organic

Presidents Choice:
Apricot Fruit Spread Organics
Blueberry Fruit Spread Organics
Raspberry Fruit Spread Organics
Strawberry Fruit Spread Organics

Apricot Jam Organic
Cherry & Berry Jam Organic
Peach & Passion Fruit Jam Organic
Strawberry Jam Organic

The following establishments are now under COR certification:
(under new ownership)
3774 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Mivgash Restaurant
398 Steeles Avenue West

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Whisky Alert from the Association of Kashrus Organizations

Whisky Alert – May 2010

The AKO Executive Committee has reason to believe that there are large liquor companies in the United States which may be owned in whole or part by Jews. We are concerned that such companies may not have arranged for the sale of their chametz (mechiras chametz) during Pesach. These companies primarily manufacture bourbon, cordials, and American whiskey, and also deal in a small amount of Scotch and vodka.
Chametz-containing liquors owned, produced and/or aged by Jewish-owned companies over Pesach are forbidden as chametz she’avar alav haPesach. Since many liquor products are aged for many years before they are sold to the public, it cannot be assumed that these beverages are acceptable for kosher use even if they are purchased a long time before or after Pesach.

Accordingly, we recommend that Kashrus Agencies and consumers change their policies and only consume those alcoholic beverages which [are free of standard kosher concerns and] are known to (a) be produced by a non-Jewish company or a Jewish-owned company which arranged for the sale of their chametz, (b) not contain any chametz, including not having chametz secondary grains or malted barley (bourbon and cordials are examples of items that may have these forbidden items), and/or (c) were not aged over Pesach (e.g. vodka).

The following are some brands which we believe to be subject to the above concern:
1792 Ridgemont
51 Ice
99 Schnapps
A. Smith Bowman
Ancient Age
Antique Collection
Buffalo Trace
Canadian Host
Canadian Hunter
Canadian LTD
Canadian Supreme
Colonel Lee
Dr McGillicuddy’s
Eagle Rare
Elmer T Lee
Experimental Collection
Hancock’s Presidents Reserve
Highland Mist
House of Stuart
Inver House
James Foxe
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
McAfee’s Benchmark
Mix 51
Mr. Boston
Northern Light
Old Charter
Old Thompson
Old Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle
Rich & Rare
Rock Hill Farms
Royal Canadian
Sazerac Rye
Ten High
Terra Brazilis
Tom Moore
Van Winkle
Very Old Barton
Virginia Gentleman
W L Weller

Consumers who already own one of these liquors are encouraged to ask their personal Rabbi whether returning the bottles to the store is considered to be having hana’ah (benefit) from chametz she’avar alav haPesach. Lastly, we note that this notification does not cover the serious question of the status of whisky (or other chametz) owned on Pesach by a Jewish distributor who does or does not arrange for the sale of his chametz; consumers are once again encouraged to discuss this question with their personal Rabbi.

For updated information or questions regarding this notification, please email AKO at liquor@akokosher.org.

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10 Ways to Help Sholom Rubashkin

Sholom Rubashkin is set to be sentenced April 28 and 29 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Prosecutors are asking for an unusually harsh sentence, life in prison. The Jewish community has been shocked and saddened by this request, but determined to help. To that end, a new website called “Justice for Sholom”, has been set up “to ensure equal and fair justice for Sholom Rubashkin.” They are sponsoring an online petition which hopes to gain 30,000 signatures protesting the treatment that Mr. Rubashkin has received.

Today a Kol Koreh has been released from our leading Rabbis and Gedolim asking the Jewish community to “do whatever they possibly can to help rectify the (undue) harshness, and hereby fulfill the mitzvah of ‘Lo Taamod’ – not standing by idly while a fellow’s blood is shed.”
Following is more information about the case and how you can help.

The prosecutors have come out with their recommendation for Sholom Rubashkin:

Life in prison!

Hashem Yerachem!

Rabbinical leaders shocked at life sentence request for Rubashkin

Jewish Leaders Urge Community Members to Voice Outrage to Justice Department

NEW YORK – American Jewish leaders are expressing shock and outrage at the federal government’s recommendation that Sholom Rubashkin be sentenced to life in prison for his role as an executive with the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. It is the latest example of a prosecution that has repeatedly targeted Rubashkin for unfair treatment compared to others who have been accused of employing illegal immigrants or compromising the security of a bank loan.

Jewish rabbinic leaders have signed a proclamation, urging their Jewish brethren to contact the Justice Department on Rubashkin’s behalf, calling it a “sacred obligation of every individual to participate in this mitzvah.”

Supporters of Sholom Rubashkin are being urged to sign an online petition at the “Justice for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin” Web page at http://justiceforsholom.org and call or e-mail Department of Justice Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison (202-514-3465 ; oipl@usdoj.gov and cc pr@justiceforsholom.org), to protest the recommendations of life in prison for Sholom Rubashkin.

Those interested in assisting the “Equal Justice for Sholom Rubashkin” campaign, or in receiving call to action alerts can join the campaign at http://justiceforsholom.org, or text message ICARE to 347-948-JUST (5878).

We need to bring this travesty of justice to the Department of Justice.

We are mobilizing a list of emails/cell numbers so we can send out CALL TO ACTION ALERTS – Please join the ACTION ALERT phone chain by sending the message ICARE to 347-948-JUST (5878).

Enter your email address to our consolidated ACTION ALERT email list at http://justiceforsholom.org

Please send this information out to your contacts ASAP, with the instructions to sign up for ACTION ALERTS at http://justiceforsholom.org, and to sign up for phone text alerts.

Thank you for signing the petition and for your letters.

Justice for Sholom

> Why are prosecutors seeking life in prison?
The jury found in a special interrogatory that Rubashkin did not profit personally from false invoices presented to the lending bank. Evidence of his very modest lifestyle and his extraordinary charity was proffered at his trial but objected to by the Iowa prosecutors and excluded by the District Judge. He is the father of 10 children, including an autistic teenage boy who depends on him. Nonetheless, the Iowa prosecutors are recommending life in prison. Why? Full story

> Lawyers request light sentence for Rubashkin
Lawyers for former eastern Iowa slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin asked a judge Friday to sentence their client to no more than six years in prison.

Rubashkin’s legal team argued in court papers that the former Postville meat plant officer “lost his way” and did not personally profit from a fraud scheme and use of illegal immigrant workers at Agriprocessors Inc. Full story

> Memorandum regarding gross disparity in prosecutorial treatment
This Memorandum describes the gross disparity between usual procedures in federal criminal prosecutions under the immigration and bank-fraud laws and how Iowa federal prosecutors treated the case of Sholom Rubashkin, the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic businessman who was arrested on immigration-law violations relating to the Agriprocessors plant in Iowa and was found guilty after a jury trial of bank fraud and failure to pay cattle owners promptly.

The enormous disparity between the treatment of Mr. Rubashkin and others who committed similar offenses began with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) raid on Agriprocessors (“Agri”) on May 12, 2008, and has continued to this day, and has culminated in prosecutors seeking a life sentence for Rubashkin. Full story

> 10 more ways to help:

1. Daven for Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah and his family

2. Email a link to this page to your friends (click below on Share/Save)

3. Join the Friends of Sholom Rubashkin page on Facebook

4. Contribute by mail:
Pidyon Shvuyim Fund
53 Olympia Lane
Monsey NY 10952

5. Read and comment on this shocking story in the Des Moines Register: http://bit.ly/bIWxgu

6. Show your support for Sholom Rubashkin by reacting to the important comments made today by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in The Huffington Post. Read it here: http://huff.to/aswPxY

7. Send the above articles to U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose (stephanie.rose@usdoj.gov) and the Department of Justice Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison (oipl@usdoj.gov).

8. Send the articles to the Jewish newspaper in your community.

9. Consider volunteering for the JusticeforSholom campaign – Efforts are underway to reach out to every law professor, retired judge, and former prosecutors. Please consider dedicating one hour (or more) a day for the next week. The following volunteer positions are critically needed: callers, data entry, spokespersons, receiving phone calls and research. If you have ANY time and capabilities for volunteering for one or more of the above positions, please respond by email to:
or pr@justiceforsholom.org

(Note! please state VOLUNTEER, and the position that you are volunteering for, in the Subject field of your email response). Provide the following information:
Your name & contact information (cell/email – please specify best way and time to contact)
What are your skills? What would you like to do?
What are the exact times that you are available (EST)? How much time can you give?

10. Post a link to this page on your Facebook page or to your followers on Twitter

Together, we can show the judge, prosecutors and the legal community that concerned citizens are watching the case of Sholom Rubashkin, and that he deserves “equal and fair administration of justice under the law.” http://justiceforsholom.org

This Tuesday, 4/20, place any order of Israeli products and save up to 20% off with coupon YOM4ISRAEL

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Alerts from the Beth Din of Johannesburg

From the Beth Din of Johannesburg (UOS):

Jelly Tots – Power Sour and Craziberries flavours – are now KOSHER and slowly making their way onto store shelves. ONLY packages whose batch code (located in the white coloured “Best Before” section on the back of the package) ending in “KBD” are kosher. (Beacon will be printing packaging with the BD Logo, but until that packaging becomes available, you must rely upon the batch code.)

Millstone Pretzel Twists – Cheddar Cheese Flavour – are erroneously labeled Parev. This product is MILCHIK. The company has apologized for the error and is correcting the label for future print runs.

A small batch of Kleine Draken Red Grape Juice was adversely affected due to excessive heat during transportation. Thus far, the problem has only been reported with bottles that state Kosher L’Pesach (in Hebrew) on the neck of the bottle near the cap.
Prior to opening the bottles, the company recommends that consumers turn the bottles upside down and look carefully to see if the product appears cloudy. If so, do not use and exchange the product at the store of purchase. (Once opened, affected bottles will immediately begin to fizz due to the fermentation that has taken place from the heat.)
There is no problem with the White Grape Juice.

INFACARE 1 – 400g cartons
The above product erroneously states Parev under the Beth Din logo: This product is MILCHIK. All other ASPEN / WYETH baby formulas are only certified as kosher when bearing a BD Logo. Aspen Pharmacare apologize for any inconvenience caused and would advise any consumer picking up similar errors to contact the Kashrut Department or Aspen Nutritionals Customer Care line on: 0860 103 814.

Fabrengen Wine (750 ml) is non-mevushal (uncooked). Please ensure that you treat it with all the stringencies applicable to non-mevushal wine.

The following Floyds product bears an unauthorized Beth Din logo: Floyds Coatings – Macon and Mushroom. This product is NOT KOSHER.

The following Floyds products are now kosher when bearing a Beth Din logo (under the logo on the packaging it will indicate whether the product is Milchik or Parev):

Floyds Coatings
(Garlic & Herb; Hot & Spicy; Original; Spicy BBQ)

Floyds Cook In Sauce (Au Gratin Fish Bake; BBQ Sausages; Cauliflower Bake; Cheesy Vegetable; Chicken & Mild; Creamy Fish Dish; Creamy Vegetable; Mediterranean; Thai Casserole)

Floyds Pasta Sauce (Bolognaise; Creamy Alfredo; Macaroni & Cheese; Sour Cream & Onion; Vegetable & Parmesan; Wild Mushroom; Black Pepper; Creamy Cheese; Creamy Garlic; Creamy Seafood; Mushroom & Garlic; Spicy Tomato & Chili; Tomato Pesto)

Floyds Pasta & Sauce (Creamy Alfredo; Macaroni & Cheese; Sour Cream & Onion; Vegetable & Parmesan; Wild Mushroom)

Floyds Potato Bake
(Cheddar Cheese; C/Cheese & Onion; Creamy Cheese; Parmesan & Garlic; Sour Cream & Chives; Sweet)

Floyds Potato Wedges (Barbeque; Garlic & Herb; Indian Spice; Lemon Pepper; Peri Peri; Savoury Cheese)

Floyds RTW (Black Bean Sauce; Ginger & Garlic; Lemon & Ginger; Pine/Honey & Macon; Plum)

Floyds Sauce (Black Pepper; C/Cheese; Creamy Mushroom; Garlic & Herb)

Floyds Soup Supreme
(Brown Onion; Cream of Tomato; Minestrone; Mushroom; Oxtail; Thick Veg; White Onion)

Floyds Soup-In-A-Cup (Inst. Minestrone; Inst. Mushroom; Inst. Tomato Soup; Inst. Vegetable Soup; Lite – Celery & Leek; Lite – Country Veg; Lite – Curried Veg; Lite – Mushroom & Herb; Lite – Roasted Toamto; Supreme – Cream of Tomato)

Floyds WS (Bearnaise Sauce; Parsley & Chive Sauce; Rosemary & Thyme Sauce; White Sauce; Hollandaise Saue)

Floyds Wild Mushroom
Floyds Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Floyds Instant Mushroom Soup
Floyds Mushroom & Herb
Floyds Mushroom Garlic
Floyds Mushroom Soup Supreme

Bake Me A Wish

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Alerts from the Orthodox Union

From the Orthodox Union (OU):

Olympus Various Varieties of Hard Cheese
Products:Various Varieties of Hard Cheese
Company:Tyras S.A. – GREECE
Issue:This product bears an unauthorized OU symbol. Consumers spotting this product are requested to contact the Orthodox Union at 212.613.8241 or via email at kashalerts@ou.org.

Value Red’s Non-Dairy Creamer
Value Red
Products:Non-Dairy Creamer
Company:Lucerne North America, LLC. –Pleasanton, CA
Issue:This certified product contains dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Corrective action is being taken.

Testlab’s Bacterial Cultures (also known as Probiotics)
Products:Bacterial Cultures (also known as Probiotics) (Including Lactobacillus acidophilus, and other cultures)
Company:Brewster Food Co. – Reseda, CA
Issue:A limited number of lots of these products were labeled incorrectly with a plain OU. These products are DAIRY. Future packaging will be corrected.

Country Road’s 8kg Industrial Size Feta Cheese
Country Road
Products:8kg Industrial Size Feta Cheese
Company:Gourmet Food Imports- Lafayette, CA
Issue:This product, which bears an OUD symbol, was distributed to industrial users on the West Coast. This product is not kosher and has been recalled.
Please note that Country Road retail-size feta cheese in 16-oz. and 32-oz. plastic containers is OU-certified when bearing the OUD symbol and OU holograms, as stipulated in the product’s letter of certification.

Gatorade partners with Orthodox Union to kosher certify Gatorade Thirst Quencher® and G2® Full story

The Orthodox Union will present its popular OU Kosher program, ASK OU OUTREACH, in Brooklyn by holding a series of kashrus shiurim on two Sundays in April – April 18 and April 25. Both days fall during the period of sefirah, a perfect time for introspection and Jewish education. Full story

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Recall (Canada): Kraft Tartar Sauce

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Kraft Canada are warning people not to consume Kraft Tartar Sauce described below. The affected product has an incorrect back label and contains egg ingredients which are not declared on the label.

Kraft Tartar Sauce
UPC: 0 683071 9
Size: 355 ml
Best Before Dates: 10 OC 02, 10 OC 08

These products have been distributed in Canada.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of these products.

Consumption of these products may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in persons with allergies to egg.

Kraft Canada, Toronto, Ontario is voluntarily recalling the affected products from the marketplace. The CFIA is monitoring the effectiveness of the recall.

For more information, consumers and industry can call one of the following numbers:

Kraft Canada Consumer Relations at 1-800-396-5512. CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 / TTY 1-800-465-7735 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday to Friday).

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